If you are looking for your child’s very first school, there is a lot to consider, indeed, your choice of school could be critical for your child’s education, as the first impression of school you’re a young child is one that should be positive. So, what makes a good learning institution? Here are a few ingredients that are found in a successful school.

  • Active Learning Strategy – It is now widely accepted that learning is best achieved with a hands-on approach and all good schools would incorporate a project-based approach that puts the students in control. Activity-based learning is the best way to engage the learner and schools that adopt hands-on learning are very popular among parents.
  • Excellent Academic Record – Many people believe that the academic record of a school is the only benchmark to consider and when you browse school websites, take the time to check on their academic statistics, which need to be impressive. Most private schools in Bangkok have solid academic scores from their students, which is something you simply can’t afford to overlook.
  • Strong Management – Every school needs direction in order for goals to be set and reached and the principal would be the driving force behind every successful school. When you book a tour of a school, the school principal is normally the person that conducts the tour, which gives you an opportunity to ask a few questions.
  • Top Teachers – While all teachers should be fully qualified, they should also have a positive attitude and bring a lot of energy into the classroom. The teaching staff should regularly take part in teach training workshops that introduce new teaching techniques, which would be organised by the school principal. The more experienced teachers are good role models for the younger teachers and with their supervision, the new generation of teachers can gain valuable hands-on experience.
  • Ample Resources – Of course, a good school should have the facilities and amenities that are necessary to provide a good all-round education, with a swimming pool, sports fields and an excellent IT department where the children can learn valuable computing skills.

The best place to start when looking for a suitable school for your child is a Google search, then with some careful browsing, you can create a shortlist of schools to visit and that will enable you to make an informed decision. When visiting schools, take note of the students and their general attitude towards learning, as this is a critical aspect of schooling.