Canada is one of the popular choices for studying abroad. If it has been your dream to study in Canada, then we are sharing some information with you about the costs. The cost of studying in Canada is lower as compared to other European countries and even the USA. Cities like Toronto are one of the popular choices of international students. If it is your dream to study in Canada and be at York University Housing, then here is all that you need to know about the costs of studying in Canada.

Tuition Fee:

There is no uniform fee structure across the academic institutions. Each institution usually has its set fee structure. The business courses are usually less expensive to study. The tuition fee for grad school is usually lower when compared to undergraduate courses. However, this is highly variant and depends from course to course.

When you are applying for a Canadian Visa, there are certain requirements which tell you that you must have a certain amount of money in hand. This amount usually varies from city to city, depending on where you want to study. A budget should be prepared before-hand which would consist of all the things you might potentially need when you are studying. Books, phone bill, internet, transport, food and accommodation are some of the things that need to be included when calculating the potential cost.

Get a job:

As the cost of living might be a little higher, you could consider working along with studying to support yourself. If you have a study permit visa, then you have the permission to either work on campus and even the campus without having to apply for work visa too. This option allows you to work part-time which is equivalent to working 20 hours a week. During the holiday season, if you decide to stay back then you can work a full-time job if you wish to do so.