Is it hard to pursue nus engineering?

The National University of Singapore is one of the topmost universities for engineering students. That is why nus engineering is so much famous among the engineering aspirants. Being the top university throughout the world, it is obvious that it is not easy to get admitted to the institute. First of all, The University has 80% of seats reserved for Singaporeans and, the rest, 20% of seats are open to foreigners. So, if you are not a Singaporean, then you will have to fight a tough competition. You also need to have good scores in your high school or diploma as well. Apart from that, you will have to clear MTL with good grades to get into the institute at your desired position.

Nus engineering is worth it or not?

If you want to gain high-quality education in the engineering field, then nus engineering is definitely worth giving a try, but you should not forget that there is too much competition for getting admission there, so in that case, you must have good backup options as well. Also, if you do not belong to Singapore then you will have to put in extra effort and also, in that case, you will have to move to a new country. So, if you can afford that much and put in your best efforts, then you must give it a try.